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Stephen J Turner's Personal Website

Stephen J Turner

My latest creation for my long term associate and very good friend, Stephen J Turner.

This site is built upon the Laminas MVC framework, mainly to allow for future expansion at a later date. This site does use a simple MySQL database which is just updated/maintained by me at present, using simple command line instructions. Although based around a third party template, I am a PHP developer first and foremost, I have modified this template extensively to suit Stephen's vision and to get it functioning correctly with Laminas MVC framework's view rendering engine.

On his creative writing pages, I have used an AI reader to allow the viewer to better experience his works. This simple feature, I feel, enhances the users experience.

It is amazing what can be achieved when technical and creative minds work together.

Art of Wood

Art of Wood

This Magento 2 based site was designed to show and sell the works of Stephen J Turner, artisan. This site has a bespoke theme based around Magneto's default blank theme. It also has a couple of custom built modules and numerous custom pages.

This site will shortly be replaced with a custom written, Laminas based, gallery site as he has very few online sales, most enquiries made via telephone. Online sales will be made through his Etsy store.

Art of Wood Memorials & Remembrance

Art of Wood Memorials & Remembrance

Another Magento 2 based store showcasing the works of the artisan Stephen J Turner. Stephen has had experience in the funerary business and has now brought this forward into his Art of Wood business. He hand carves and creates various items for remembrance such as grave markers and soil/petal boxes.

As above this site has a custom theme and various custom CMS pages along with a couple of custom written modules. This site will shortly be replaced with a gallery site as most of Stephens sales and enquiries are made by telephone, online sales will be made through his Etsy store.

La Millé Cleaning Services

La Mille Cleaning

This site is built using Laminas Framework and Doctrine ORM. Built for La Millé Cleaning Services it started life as a simple site with an email form, this site has recently started to grow. Firstly I added an online application form which generates a PDF document and emails it to La Millé's HR department. I am now in the process of adding a business management system for them to manage their staff and clients. There is a section for staff, clients and management to login from one simple login form, I used my Doctrine Auth module for this.

I am sad to say La Millé has now closed. I would like to wish Sandie all the best in her retirement.

Montécare Solutions

Montecare Solutions

Montécare Solutions was a website I created for a company providing care staff for a range of service providers along with home help and domiciliary care. This was the first site I built for Sandie who also owned La Mille Cleaning Services above. She decided to close Montécare and focus all her efforts in La Mille.

Montécare was originally built using Zend Framework 2 but was later updated to Laminas (Zend Framework 3). Using Laminas would enable me to add dynamic features more easily in the future, unfortunately this never happened and Montecare remained pretty much a static site throughout it’s life having changes made manually be me.

Freedom Group

Freedom Group

A basic HTML site showing the Freedom Groups websites and social media pages.

Open Meetings

Open Meetings

An athletic events promotion site.
Although not responsible for the design of this site, all the underlying PHP code is my work.