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Examples Of My Work

Art of Wood

Art of Wood
This Magento 2 based site was designed to show and sell the works of Stephen J Turner, artisan. This site has a bespoke theme based around Magneto's default blank theme. It also has a couple of custom built modules and numerous custom pages.

Rachel Wiles Direct

Rachel Wiles Direct
A Magento 2 e-commerce site showing works of Rachel Wiles painter & textile artist. This site is currently a work in progress.

La Millé Cleaning Services

La Mille Cleaning
This site is built using Laminas Framework and Doctrine ORM. Built for La Millé Cleaning Services it started life as a simple site with an email form, this site has recently started to grow. Firstly I added an online application form which generates a PDF document and emails it to La Millé's HR department. I am now in the process of adding a business management system for them to manage their staff and clients. There is a section for staff, clients and management to login from one simple login form, I used my Doctrine Auth module for this.

Freedom Group

Freedom Group A basic HTML site showing the Freedom Groups Websites.

Open Meetings

Open Meetings An athletic events promotion site.
Although not responsible for the design of this site, all the underlying PHP code is my work.